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Three ways to get motivated after being depressed.

Today I want to talk about some harsh truths and then some tips to help when you get out of a depression state of mind.

Disclaimer: I’m not a therapist or mental health professional all tips I share today come from my own brain and are things I do myself to help fight depression.

February been a short and depressive month for me. This is the month my ex was born in and around the time I met him. This is my child biological dad and the last person to have been an abuser to me. I don’t want to go to deep into it but the basic point is this time of year is still hard for me even through its been three years since we split up. That’s part of makes PTSD so dang hard to have my brain to make me relive my traumas.

Typically, around this time I get depressed but this year I made myself work hard not get too depressed. I used my coping skills of making art for just myself, reading and hanging out with the people who love me.

I want to get you three tips for ways to break out of a depressive state.

Tip one: Do something you enjoy doing alone.

This gives you time to sit with the feelings and acknowledge them. Then be able to move on from them and do the thing you enjoy.

Tip two: Use your hands and do something.

This could range from gardening, art, reading a book, writing or journaling. Get your hands active and do something to take your mind off of whatever has made you depressed. This is also allowing you to get your brain to be creative and allowing for you to be side tracked from what made you depressed.

Tip three: Go outside even if you just sit outside to read a book or call a friend to talk to.

Being out in nature will get your body to be active. It will get your brain excited you may not be crued but you will be less depressed for sure.

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