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Tips to get out of depression

Disclaimer I am not a licensed professional. I am someone who has mental health and tries to help others with their mental health by getting tips I use myself.

I want to take today to say that I am doing okay I am writing this on Sunday and probably will post it on Wednesday or on the normal blog day Thursday. For many reasons I thought about taking time off for the holidays. But I enjoy working and so I am batch doing this week’s content. I have already scheduled Monday’s YouTube video. Which will be out once you read this check for the link at the bottom of this post.

I am going to list a few things I do to get out of depression. I hope they help you.

1.) I make art or do a coloring page. (if you followed me for a while you know that I along with mental health I am and artist. I use art to help me cope.)

2.) I read a book. If you do not like to read but weather listen to something try an audio book or podcast.

3.) Play video games or watch my favorite show.

If you notice these are all distraction methods but I find that once I use one of these methods, I can think more clearly and focus less on the negative feelings and thoughts. I have free color pages on my website.

If you are more of the journal type here a few prompts you can use.

1. What are three feelings I recognize? Why do I feel these? (if you do not know why that is okay you are still able to recognize your feelings).

2. What are five things in the moment I can do to get over these negative feelings?

3. Take five minutes to breathe then sit with these feeling that are inside our head. Now write them all down so that you can recognize them and work through them.

Art I did recently is:

Want to get more from me follow me on social media and my website:

My Story of Overcoming: My Memoir by Marie Owens

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