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Two old poems given new life

Today I want to share some of my old poems that haven't gotten lost these are not the ones in chapter two of my memoir.

Speaking of my memoir today through August 30th you can get it for free. Disclaimer that there is a mention of self-harm.

Poem 1 is called "Mind Spell"

Alone and afraid, scared, bruised, beaten.

When the gut-wrenching pain is happing I feel like screaming.

He makes me feel dead inside and live on the exterior.

Tears roll down my beaten face.

Running driving anything to getaway.

Escaping the memories, the pain lasts all over again damn you PTSD.

Feeling alone in the misery that's called life.

I wrote this around age 16 I had just recently been diagnosed with PTSD. Finally, it was good to know my pain had a name.

The next poem is called "Stronger"

I may know you better than anyone else in your life. At one point I felt sorry for you.

That's around the same time the razor blade became my comforter.

Cutting became a strong release for my pain.

Each cut to myself self I imaged it as a cut to your ego.

How does it take a person's innocence?

To rob them of something meant to be saved for the right person.

At 19 years old I began to think about drinking you from my mind.

Twenty years old I did and feel into a toxic relationship.

Had a child whose father wanted him for nothing more than the money and to use him as a pawn for control.

These poems have been added to a little bit today because can you ever finish a poem.

Updates: Monday's YouTube video will be September's bullet journal video.

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