Updates and a drawing tutorial

Updated: Jan 18

This week I want to talk about my mental health. Motivation, accomplishing your dreams in actionable steps.

I was talking about depression last week because I was in a depressive state. I was unmotivated was not in a great headspace. Today I came up with this quote, like the message it has.

I am working hard for my dreams. I noticed that my habits were causing me not to be happy.

My mental health has been difficult lately but I am stronger because of it.

I also wanted to share this drawing I did in a step by step process. I hope you enjoy it.

Hello, my name is Marie Owens of MariesArtEST2017 and I want to share the tools I've discovered in coping with Bipolar.

I knew at a young age my mood swings were not normal teenage mood swings. I also knew that my father was Bipolar and would often go off his medicine.