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Ways to improve yourself and your mindset by trying a different approach.

Updated: Dec 14, 2019

Thank you for all the likes and subscribes on my social media. I'm really exciting to know that people like my art. Today I wanted to talk about something I think might be a game-changer. Instead of doing a traditional mood tracker for the month of November. I'm challenging myself to think of one word each day that describes my feelings. What I'm trying to do for the month of November my focus is going to be on making my website better and improving it. I want to be also working on a new store used to sell my art in. I will be taking a few orders for custom artwork if you want to be a part of that be sure to send me a message on any of my social medias for my website, I'd rather not sure how many spots I will have available.

One of my newest ideas might be a breakthrough for bullet journaling. But it is best to do an experiment with a different style of mood tracker first. When you first think of mood tracker in a bullet journal do you think of the basic feeling words such as happy, okay, excited. But what if you did a mood tracker or each day for that month you had to really sit and think about your mood for that day? Not only thinking about your mood for that day but the overall feeling you want to channel for that day. So, I'm going to show a couple pictures of mood trackers I've done in the past couple months and then I'm going to show you November's.

Now of course this is the blank picture before I filled it out. My theme was clouds, so I drew a bunch of clouds connecting to one another. Choose a few feeling words the I wanted to track my moods on for this month.

For October with it being Halloween I drew a spider web as my mood tacker and again chose a few feelings I wanted to track for that month but still I noticed it was something that i was very energetic about wanting to do. So, for November I decided to take a whole new approach. That each day I will choose I word of felling that I want to channel for that day. For day one I choose motivated and my day seemed to carry this energy as I paid my bills and ran errands. For day two I choose energetic and I carried about an energetic feeling to my day even in tasks i didn't want to do.

October's Mood tracker:

"Nothing external has power over me." - Walt Whitman. No one should affect your mood or your mindset unless you give them the power to do so... you are 100% in control of how you feel. No this doesn't mean bottle up your emotions but more focusing on how to have a healthy was to cope with the emotions you feel. It's okay  try something new it something isn't working out for you. Not everyone thinks or even learns the same way that we do and that is okay it is what makes us uniquely us. 100% original because their is only one of you. Now I will show you my November mood tracker with my them being crystals this month.

News: I am working on a new project and I will be sharing some details about it soon.

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xoxo, MariesArtEST2017

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