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What do you perfer: Pianting outside or inside?

This week I wanted to do an art blog.

The topic being do I perfere to paint inside or outside.

I used to perfere painting outside with my camera rolling while live on instgram.

I would have my kid intertained. So, that I could talk to any live followers who were

watching me paint.

That was shortly before January 2023 and in February of 2023 is when I inqured my ankle.

I stopped doing to much outside actibites other than the basics. I love to go back to doing lives

once i get my cast of at the end of the month from my sugury today.

One down side to painting outside where I live with lots of sand is that it has to not be a windy

day or sand gets in the wet paint.

Life update: I had my ankle surgury the day I started this blog on 8/14/23.

It going to be in a cast till post op appointment on 8/30/23.

I will do my best to keep the artwork coming. I out of work for recovery till friday.

artwork this week:

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