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What's happening with my business

This week I like to talk about some updates happening with my business. I feel like August is a time to reset and refocus on my business goals.

I going to list four goals for my business future:

  1. Sell out of all current products before October.

  2. Do a shop update in September for October themed products.

  3. Do some batch content for YouTube and the blog.

  4. Get back to painting again.

Let me share with you my current products in my shop.

There will be tons of versions of pumpkins in the shop. Including pumpkin theme book sleeves. I going to post a poll up on twitter and Facebook what type of YouTube videos and blogs you like to see. I am sorry that this is a short blog post but the last point is getting back into painting on canvas with acrylic paints again. Find me on these social medias: Website: Instagram: Twitter: Youtube: Facebook group: My memoir:

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