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Winds of a sinner

This week I wanted to share a small part of a story that I has pop into my head. I hope you enjoy it.

Occasionally the wind blows over all the sins of a person. It does not cleanse them just blows over them. Some sins you cannot be saved from and some are not worth the trouble of trying. Remember to choose your battles wisely.

Do not waste your energy or time on such foolish matters of things you have no control over. Life is meant to be a series of trial and error only the strongest continue to get back up again and again. Remember that a fight fought well is a fight won.

Raise your glass to the who people talk behind others backs because karma has no issues kicking your butt.

As an artist I want to inspire people with my art. I want to use my struggles with mental health to inspire others to have healthy copping skills. My art strives to inspire other people to work hard at there dreams to hustle for what they want. Sorry this post is short, but writers block has me for the moment.

I sat here and thought about this now wanting to re share it for you all.

A letter from your motivation:

Good morning you woke up today and can enjoy another day.

As you walk into the kitchen to start your coffee remember to check your plants. Remove the dead flowers and leaves so that it can grow.

You made it another day as you make your coffee. Pet your animals unless they are fish them feed them. Make your breakfast you cannot be super productive on no food. Sit and eat maybe read a book or listen to an audio book to awaken your mind. Now time for a shower and your makeup routine if you wear makeup. If not a big makeup person have a skin care routine.

Wash your face grab your makeup. Think of it not as a mask but as a mask but a but as a canvas to inspire the world. Soon it is off to work.

Do not forget to grab your water and lunch both very important for your body. As you walk out the door grab your hat. Even if you cannot wear it in to work you can at least feel confident in your journey to work. It is a comfort for you. It gives you less anxiety. Was work hard make a meal that shake it away but cooking a comfort food.

Until you need a kind reminder that someone hear for you I will a bit you a good day.

Sincerely, motivation

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My Story of Overcoming: My Memoir by Marie Owens

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