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Planning the first month in my custom-made planner.

Hello to all it is crazy to be sitting here typing this blog post and thinking that it will be my last one not only of 2019 but of this decade. So, I have been thinking about playing around with my blog post format in 2020 some things I am planning to include is an agenda for the month in the first blog post of each month. In a style of a little letter from me to you and a way for you to share with your friends some of the things I am planning on doing for the month.

In November 2019 I created my own custom bullet journal/planner. To not babble to much here I am going to give you a bullet point list of why I did this:

· Tired of having to shop for a premade journal that I liked.

· Wanting to have my needs met.

· The appeal that I can make it in a binder and reuse it every year.

If I broke it down in to a price point that was to make this I would go with about $10 total. If you want to here more on this refer to this blog post where I talked about the whole process ( I am also working on some new video projects. I released my first ever sketchbook tour (well part one anyway). Part two will be released on Friday December 27, 2019 and then part three and four will be put out in January 2020. While on the topic about my sketchbook tour videos I am thinking of doing a sketchbook tour every two months in 2020.

So, Let’s talk bullet journal and things that I am doing in 2020 that I Haven’t before. First thing is that I am going focus on MariesArtESt2017 as the business I want it to be so as my second job aside from being a college student and single mom. This means that once a week there will be a social media post coming from the website. Once a week their will be a blog post or video and sometimes there might be both in a week.

If you have been following me for some time, I have spent each year focusing on one type of drawing and the skills to do that one type. In 2018 I decided on roses and 2019 I choose lotus flowers. But as an artist I want to grow in my skills so I will be focusing 2020 on drawing hands. Most of 2020 is going to be focus on building my business structure so that It can be easier to succeed in my growth of my business.

Okay now it’s time to talk about my indecision on a theme that turned in a great idea. I was thinking about my January 2020 theme and I was in-between Roses or doing Harry potter again (I did it in January 2019 also my first real bujo theme). I had the thought that why can I do a fusion of the two and so I did. I am going to show you the scanned pictures of two random pages in the layout of January 2020 bullet journal. More will be shown when I post the January 2020 bullet journal video on January 2, 2020.

My January 2020 cover page an acrylic background then a rose I drew pasted on the background. The second sneak peak is going to be the master list of my 2020 goals. Not resolutions but six goals that I want to work on grow in these areas in the upcoming year.

Next projects to come are:

1.) Part two of my sketch book tour. (December 27,2019)

2.) January 2020 bullet journal.

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Sincerely, MariesArtEST2017

(New logo for MariesArtESt2017 will be at the end of every blog post.)

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