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What got me passionate about becoming an artist.

Updated: Dec 10, 2019

I began 2018 by drawing a rose then before I knew it I wanted to study and master that flower.

In 2019 I wanted to do the same but with Lotus flowers. All the different styles and medium's. I've done are: color pencils, marker, painting.

This is a lotus flowers I've done yesterday. It was done with sharpie marker and sivo color pencils.

I did this one back in July for my August bullet journal. If you want to let me know and I can make a version if it for sell.

This done with a orange and red sharpie fine point marker.

A painting of a lotus flower I also did yesterday. (All links I can find to the paints I used will be at the bottom.)

Let me first say this. Disclaimer: I am by no means suggesting to just do art or a hobby and not go to therapy if you need to.

For me as an only child until about 15 years old. I had to use my imagination. All my cousins on my mother's side were older than I was. So, I mostly grew up with my cousins from my father's side.

Writing poetry was always my thing. Around age 19 I began to see it as a trigger, so I was suggested to try drawing. So, I want and got at a first amine on how to draw. When that was a bust, I got a flower drawing book.

That was one that I was able to do very good. I enjoyed having something to take my mind off things. So, after three months I started my Facebook art page. I am having been making art now for two years and five months.

There is no right or wrong way to do art! There is only the prescription that the person looking at it has.

Let's not focus on the negative comments and be more positive toward people expressing themselves.

If you enjoy these little blog posts, I am planning on making an email subscription list. The emails would include updates on new projects, blog posts, coupon codes, and products.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post. Give me some feedback on your thoughts. Also, follow me on Facebook and Instagram (all social media links and materials will be at the end).

P.S. I have been having issues with my laptop and it is being sent off to be fixed. A temporary one is being given to me. So hopefully I can get a video or two done and posted.

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Sincerely, MariesArtEST2017

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